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How to Prepare for International Jobs

Posted on 5/21/2013 by SuperUser Account

Lifestyle considerations will affect whether an international recruitment opportunity is suitable. Things to consider include aspects such as your health, your family, and other commitments. It is not easy to deal with these issues and some difficult decisions may need to be made.

Marriage and Family

You need to decide whether you will be going to Saudi Arabia on single status or family status. Candidates who don't go on family status can still bring their families along, depending on where they will stay. Most Saudi clients give housing allowances to their employees. This usually allows you to bring your family along, but details need to be verified with us. Don't sign a contract before you know the details.

Medical Issues

Several medicals need to be stipulated in your visa application before you can go to Saudi Arabia; This includes HIV, Hepatitis A and B, chest x rays, and various other tests. Health is very important in Saudi Arabia.

You may get the job and sign the contract, but if your health is not suitable, you won't get a Visa.

Consider for yourself the effects that moving so far away from home will have on your health and spirit. If you have worked in the industries we deal with, you have probably worked away from your family a number of times, even within South Africa. The separation is often easier if you are used to the sacrifice already.

People who have not been away from home for extended periods need to consider this. Parents of school-aged children often struggle more with taking their children out of school and relocating to a new country. It’s much easier for parents of younger kids to relocate.

Parents with small children must seriously consider the impact that being away from the family will have on everyone. However, depending on the client company, you might be able to get a rotation schedule. This means that you can work for 4 months, and then return home for 2 weeks. Alternatively, you could bring your family to join you as visitors. Contract duration depends on the company and if you perform well, you may renew your contract, which will lead to an extended or permanent stay in Saudi Arabia.

These implications should be considered before you sign a contract. Work out a way to make it work for the family.

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