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Safety and Security in Saudi Arabia

Posted on 5/3/2013 by Primetime Solutions

Qualified foreigners wishing to find international jobs in Saudi Arabia are sometimes put off by news reports of the unrest in the Middle East. However, many of the reports are exaggerated for the sake of sensationalism and misinterpreted as a result.

Unlike many of the other countries in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is very safe for contractors and expats. Currently, there is no political unrest in Saudi Arabia. The country doesn't compare to countries such as Afghanistan, Yemen and Kuwait in terms of harboring or encouraging terrorist activities.

Saudi Arabians are selective about the type of employment they are prepared to accept and therefore, the country welcomes foreginers wishing to be employed in medical jobs, engineering jobs and education jobs.

The Saudi Minister of Culture and Information recently condemned bombings and other terrorist attacks around the world and stressed the need for the global community to take a stronger stand against terrorism.

Prime Time Solutions works closely with the contractors we send to Saudi Arabia and we have systems in place to keep them safe and to deal with emergency situations, should they occur.

In the time that we have contracted with Saudi Arabian contractors into these international jobs, we have never had any reports or incidents relating to political unrest or terrorist activities. In fact, most of our contractors work for British and South African companies.

South Africa also has significant interests in Saudi Arabia through companies in the fields of health care, hospitality and engineering. The country is also South Africa's largest supplier of crude oil. As such, South Africa has good foreign relations with Saudi Arabia.

In terms of petty crimes, house break-ins and even robberies, Saudi Arabia is virtually crime free. The Saudi justice system is very strict and that keeps the country safe.

Compounds are guarded by the Saudi Arabian Military, both by the entrances and inside to ensure the safety of the occupants. While expats can enjoy the Western lifestyle inside, they are still protected by the government.

Expats who have gone to Saudi Arabia through Prime Time Solutions recruitment consultants have always felt safe and we continuously monitor situations to ensure that all preventative measures are in place to keep them safe.

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