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What an International Employer looks for

Posted on 5/21/2013 by Primetime Solutions

In this article we discuss what international employers look for when considering foreign recruits. You will learn that It is not just about your skills but also about the quality of your CV, the success of the interview and your general demeanour. We will provide guidance on what to put in your CV and how to impress the employer.

Understand the Company's Requirements

When you get a call, before accepting an interview, it is important to understand the company’s requirements. We will research their website and perform various background checks as part of the interview preparation process. As a candidate, it is important for you to learn about the country in which you will work and live.

What to Cover in Your CV

You will need to prepare a CV that’s specific for the international position you wish to apply for. Your CV should be professional, detailed, and relevant. List your most recent position, title and experience duration first. Companies want to know that you have experience in their field of employment. You need to show how your experience is relevant to the position offered by highlighting the various positions you held and be clear on your role and duties. If you have experience duration of more than 15 years, your CV doesn't have to be as detailed.

Detail Your Skills: Internationally recognised qualifications are often prefered. List your skills and educational qualifications clearly. The government has specific requirements and you will need to list this for visa authorisation. Many qualifications, such as ISO are internationally recognised by US standards. Also specify the types of specifications by industry as names differ by country.

Many of the jobs we fill are in construction. Don’t just say “Construction”. It’s important to be clear. If you have experience in costing, you should be able to say what you have done and how your skills will suit the company’s needs.

State Your Experience: Most clients prefer candidates with more experience, which often offsets skills and qualifications. What your CV lacks in qualifications, make up for it in experience.

What are Companies looking for in a Candidate?

Candidates should be confident, but not overly confident. There are highly skilled employees in Saudi Arabia and they are looking for good leaders, who may not be overconfident. They want people with leadership qualities. Saudi Arabia has junior personnel and manpower. Highly skilled leaders are required for transference of skills and supervisory experience is an asset.

We try to prime candidates before they go for interviews, but clients don't always provide a schedule of questions they will ask. The format or structure of the interview will vary. The interview provides the candidates with a platform to showcase and recall their experience listed on their CVs.

Saudi jobs focus on experience and qualifications. Suitable candidates will be shortlisted before an interview is set. Shortlisting means they think you are a suitable candidate and they want to confirm that is in fact what they are looking for at the interview. If not, they may identify your skill for another job.

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